A Screening to Uncover Hidden Heart Risks

Do you know your personal risk factors for heart disease or a cardiovascular event such as a heart attack or stroke? Knowing your numbers and what they mean can help determine if there are steps you should consider taking—including adopting healthier lifestyle habits—to prevent significant heart issues.

The important “numbers” you should know and risk factors that play a role in your heart’s health include:

  • High LDL or total cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Inactivity
  • Chronic stress
  • No symptoms but a family history of heart disease, heart attacks or stroke

CentraHeart Screening Can Provide Answers

CentraHeart is for adults over 45 without a history of heart disease. It includes blood work, a heart health risk assessment and a coronary artery calcium (CAC) scoring test. The combined screening results offer a comprehensive view of your heart health, including underlying factors not previously identified or tested during routine care.

During a one-hour appointment, you will meet one-on-one with a nurse practitioner and take steps toward determining whether you are at low, moderate or high risk through:

  • Blood work to check your blood glucose and cholesterol levels (including LDL/“bad” cholesterol and HDL/“good” cholesterol).
  • Heart health risk assessment is performed combining the information provided reviewing risk factors, vital signs and lab work. The nurse practitioner will share these results with you immediately.
  • CAC scoring test, which uses special imaging to measure the amount of calcium in the walls of your heart’s arteries. The more evidence of calcium and thickening that is seen in the inside lining of the arteries, the higher the score. The higher your CAC score, the more likely you are to develop heart disease or have an event such as a heart attack or stroke. Your test is read by a radiologist, who will mail you the test results within 7-10 days. The nurse practitioner you met with during the screening will also call to explain your results.

The final report can be shared with your primary care physician, if you provide one, to determine the most appropriate follow-up treatment plan.

Knowing Your Numbers

It’s important to talk with your doctor about your risk for heart disease. This screening provides a baseline report so you can work together to decide how to lower your risks if necessary. Even if you aren’t experiencing any related symptoms now, you will have a better understanding of your 10-year outlook.

The screening can help your care team decide whether to withhold, postpone or initiate statin therapy, which is a medication that lowers cholesterol.  It can also provide insight to candidates for statin therapy but who have a preference to avoid such therapy. CentraHeart is not for those who already have heart disease, heart attack, stents, or bypasses. It is beneficial for those with high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol.

Sign Up Today

CentraHeart is available every Tuesday between 2 to 5 pm (last appointment begins at 4 pm). Appointments are required. Please sign up by calling 732.308.0570 or registering online.

CentraState Safety
  • All staff and patients are screened for COVID-19 related symptoms, including a temperature assessment upon arrival.
  • All staff and patients are required to wear masks while in CentraState facilities. Patients can use cloth face covers, personal masks or will be provided a procedure mask, if needed.
  • We request that you arrive for your appointment at your appointment time rather than early.
  • In most cases, patients are brought back to the clinical area immediately after checking-in.
  • Patient care spaces have been reconfigured to maintain physical distancing.
  • Plexiglas barriers are placed at reception desks.

When arriving to your appointment, please check in at:
Thomas J. Blanchet Cardiac Diagnostic Center
Star and Barry Tobias Ambulatory Campus
Building B, First Floor, Suite 106
901 West Main Street, Freehold

Cost: $149 (not covered by insurance)

Full screening results are provided to you within 7-10 days. These screening results are provided to you and your primary physician if one was provided. CentraState will send a certified letter to you and your physician should we find an immediate need for follow-up intervention. We recommend and direct all participants with abnormal results to take the report to their physician. It is your responsibility to follow up on any results with your physician/practitioner. Appropriate modification of risk factors (including high blood pressure, smoking, cholesterol, diabetes, and poor diet) is also necessary for cardiovascular disease prevention. Our screenings cannot detect all forms of stroke risk or cardiovascular disease. All tests are for screening purposes only. You should consult with your personal physician regarding your screening results.