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Your Resource for Nutrition and Weight Management

Discovering healthy-eating habits can be a delicious adventure on the path to eat well. Our registered dietitians and wellness experts will help you develop an approach to eating that works for YOU—and your taste buds!

We’ll also provide the tips, tools, and resources you need to make gradual, lasting changes that will transform the way you eat—and how you feel. Guidance is provided through one-on-one consultations, group classes, cooking demonstrations and even classes for kids!

A healthy diet can significantly help with weight loss, improve digestion, lower cholesterol, lower triglyceride levels, and provide blood sugar management and blood pressure control. In these programs, our registered dietitians help you reach your desired goals by teaching you a balanced approach.

Explore healthy ways to indulge your inner foodie and get on the road to better health and wellness.

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Nutrition Consultation and Meal Planning

Do you want to lose a few pounds? Lower your cholesterol? Optimize your health and well-being? Whatever you’re looking to achieve, our registered dietitians can help you sift through nutrition misinformation, provide expert, evidence-based advice and create an easy-to-follow food plan tailored to your unique nutritional goals and needs. Consultations are available by appointment for adults and children.

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Nutrition for Chronic Conditions

Modifying your diet and increasing your nutrient intake can help treat, and even prevent, chronic conditions. A tailored nutrition plan can help you manage symptoms related to gastrointestinal issues, as well as numerous chronic health conditions, like diabetes and heart disease. Learn how eating well can help reduce your risk factors, optimize your health and achieve a healthy weight.

Weight Management

Good nutrition does more than help you manage your weight – it’s also a key part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Enjoy simple, fresh, flavorful foods combined with moderate exercise to help boost your health, manage your weight, and reduce your risk for certain diseases. Our programs include flexible meal plans, easy-to-prepare, delicious recipes, tips and strategies, as well as ways to weave in exercise and mindfulness.

Plant-Based Eating

Ready to veg out? A plant-based diet has been shown to significantly help with weight loss and healthier digestion, it also helps to lower cholesterol, triglyceride levels, blood sugar and blood pressure. Eating an abundance of plant-based foods has countless health benefits. Our programs can help you add more plant-based foods to your diet and include cooking demos.

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