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Learn how simple, fresh, flavorful foods combined with moderate exercise can help to boost your health, manage your weight, and reduce your risk for certain diseases. These programs include flexible meal plans, easy-to-prepare, delicious recipes, tips and strategies, as well as ways to weave in exercise and mindfulness.

Live Life Lighter

Learn weight-loss skills from a registered dietitian and enjoy light exercise with a fitness pro. Acquire proven, life-long, weight-management tools during this eight-week program that meets once a week.

Live Life Lighter: EZ

For people with busy lives! This four-week version of Live Life Lighter includes two in-person group sessions combined with time saving, online nutrition education for weight management.

Weight Loss for Prediabetes and Diabetes

Learn the skills needed to control blood sugars and achieve a healthy weight.

Metabolic Analysis

This quick, non-invasive analysis calculates your daily calorie burn to learn how many calories a day your body needs to maintain or lose weight or break through a weight-loss plateau. An analysis is available by appointment and provides detailed information about your daily calorie needs and metabolic rate to help you fine-tune your weight management efforts.

Bariatric Surgery Pre-Operative Education

Registered patients receive specialized education from a registered dietitian and a registered nurse prior to weight loss surgery.

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