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Imagine not being able to move like you used to, eat certain foods, or go through a day without pain, fatigue, anxiety or uncertainty.

These are some of the real-life challenges people face when they or a loved one are living with a chronic condition like diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, depression, lupus, Alzheimer’s, IBS, cancer, or others.

CentraState’s Star and Barry Tobias Ambulatory Campus offers programs and fitness classes to delay the onset of a chronic condition and help control an existing condition.

Chronic Disease Management

Free 6-Week Chronic Disease Self Management Program

During the free six-week series, participants will learn how to set individual goals and make a weekly step-by-step action plan toward improved health from trained peer leaders.

Chronic Disease Self-Management provides tips and advice on:

  • Healthy eating
  • Safely increasing physical activity
  • Staying sharp and focused
  • Handling emotional ups and downs
  • Practical ways to deal with pain and fatigue
  • Breathing techniques
  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Communication with doctors and family
  • Creating doable, weekly action plans

“People with chronic health conditions often feel overwhelmed, isolated and misunderstood,” says Kathy Pryblyski, RN, co-facilitator of CentraState’s Chronic Disease Self-Management program. “Our program provides a safe place for those with chronic conditions and their caretakers to share stories, discuss coping skills, learn self-management techniques, and regain hope, confidence and control.”

“It’s so rewarding to watch people leave this program empowered and in control of their health and life,” says Bella Grevesen, RN, co-facilitator of the program.

Are you ready to take control of your life and health? Register online or call 732-308-0570.

Chronic Disease Fitness Classes

The OceanFirst Rehabilitation Center and CentraState Fitness & Wellness Center in Freehold, NJ, work in collaboration to offer Rock Steady Boxing for individuals with Parkinson’s disease.

Rock Steady Boxing is designed specifically for people with the degenerative movement disorder to help with motor skills, balance, speech and sensory function. The program is tailored to the fitness levels of all stages of Parkinson’s—from newly diagnosed to those who’ve been living with it for years.

The exercises in the program help patients condition for agility, muscular endurance, accuracy, hand-eye coordination and overall strength—all rigorous and intended to extend the perceived capabilities of the individual.  The program incorporates non-contact boxing, stretching, bicycling, running, jump roping, push-ups and balancing.

The Rock Steady program meets twice per week and is led by certified trainers/coaches. One class is based on an individual’s specific abilities and the other is a group class open to all individuals with Parkinson’s disease. Rock Steady Boxing serves both men and women of all ages and levels of ability.

A physician’s referral is required to get started. For more information about the Rock Steady program, call 732-294-2700.

Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) programs help Parkinson’s patients expand their range of motion and voice through various exercises. To learn more, call 732-294-2700.


The LSVT LOUD® program is designed to improve voice volume, intonation, facial expression, and articulation.

The voice treatment consists of four weeks of rigorous speech therapy, entailing one-hour sessions per week, with the goal of increasing patient’s voice and speech abilities.

These sessions stress the idea of “thinking loud in order to speak loud” and uses exaggerated motions and behaviors. Through video documentation, the patient’s loudness is measured through a series of voice exercises using a decibel sound meter. Targeting the vocal chords is a way of expanding the patient’s capability of speaking more fluently despite the conditions of Parkinson’s.


LSVT BIG® was created as a branch of LSVT LOUD® and addresses limb motor systems.

The LSVT BIG® component is a four-week exercise program that helps Parkinson’s patients expand their range of motion by using larger movements to improve mobility. By practicing exercise-based treatments, patients may improve function and possibly slow progress of motion symptoms.

LSVT programs are used by speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists to promote high-amplitude movements.

The Linda E. Cardinale MS Center offers two comprehensive wellness programs designed to address the physical and psychological issues associated with MS.

MS Wellness Program
This one-of-a-kind and award-winning 12-week program helps strengthen mind and body through:

Education: Patients learn about best nutrition practices for those with MS, how to manage stress and deal with continence issues, and how to avoid depression.

Aquatics: A cool-water pool, buoys, and other water-resistance tools help patients build strength and improve balance. The program also offers non-certification scuba classes, which help patients improve their balance while having fun.

Exercise: Group classes help improve movement and increase flexibility through various seated exercises, weightlifting, strength and conditioning, tai chi, and Pilates techniques.

Wellness Graduate Program
After completing the initial 12-week MS Wellness Program, graduates may participate in an advanced program that consists of strength and balance classes, yoga and aquatics. This includes tai chi, a system of gentle exercises and flowing movements that reduces stress and promotes balance.

To learn more about the MS wellness programs, call 732-294-2700 or speak with your physician.

CentraState’s Fitness and Wellness Center provides personal training options that are appropriate for your current treatment or a chronic condition. The programs are designed to help you remain as functional and independent as possible through your personal journey, and can allow you to maintain and/or improve your physical and emotional well-being. Available programs work in sync with Cancer, Cardiac, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Bariatric Surgery and Parkinson’s diagnoses and treatments.

The Fitness and Wellness Center also offers Revive—an eight-week, small group exercise program for those with chronic joint pain or those recovering from joint replacement surgery. Revive helps to successfully transition people from an outpatient rehabilitation setting into a community-based fitness environment. There is also a women’s health retreat designed to provide women with the education and support they need to address health and fitness challenges that are unique to their life stage

The staff that supports these eight-week programs will create your customized exercise program in partnership with your healthcare team, which may include: physicians, nurses, physical therapists, coordinators, and exercise professionals.

Have questions? Call 732-308-0570.


To request more information about the Chronic Disease Management Program at CentraState or to ask any questions, please complete this form and we will be in touch shortly.