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Are You An Apple Or A Pear?

Your waist size and body shape may be an indicator of your risk for chronic disease. Obesity can increase your risk for heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and depression. Fortunately, even modest weight loss can improve or prevent the health problems associated with obesity.

Our wellness experts can create a comprehensive, customized weight-loss plan that includes making small, lasting changes that will help you lose weight safely and steadily. We also offer evidence-based group programs with health coach support.

Explore how a few simple changes can cut your risk and boost your well-being.

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Weight Management

Strict dieting isn’t easy or effective for the long run. Instead, make small, gradual changes to your lifestyle that will help you peel off the pounds and keep them off.

CentraState’s Weigh of Life takes you on a six-month journey to a healthier you. With experts as your partners and your peers as support buddies, you’ll get the tools and strategies you need to feel great, stay accountable, and keep motivated.

Weigh of Life is flexible and realistic. You’ll learn how to include foods you enjoy without feeling guilty. It’s about progress, not perfection. We’ll explore how you can achieve a healthy weight by enjoying delicious, good-for-you foods and increasing physical activity to fire up your calorie burn. You’ll also learn how to cope with stress and emotional triggers by making smarter choices.

The program is offered virtually as an on-demand, individual program, as well as part of the Prime Time Health virtual membership plan. Weigh of Life consists of 16 lessons, which you can view on-demand, at your desired pace. It is followed by two months of bi-monthly online group meetings. Support group meetings for Weigh of Life members are also available every other week to keep you motivated and boost encouragement.

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Find Your Starting Point with a Metabolic Analysis

Do you have a slow metabolism? A 30-minute ReeVue® Metabolic Rate Analysis appointment can help you determine the number of calories you burn each day and the number of calories you must consume in order to lose or maintain your weight.

This quick, non-invasive analysis is available by appointment and provides detailed information about your daily calorie needs and metabolic rate to help you fine-tune your weight management efforts.

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Get Moving

Although genetics plays a role in determining our metabolic rate, we can help boost our metabolism by increasing our muscle mass. People who have more muscle burn more calories, even at rest, because muscle burns more calories than fat. That’s why it’s important to pair diet and exercise with some form of strength training.

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Is Weight Loss Surgery Right for You?

Are you wondering if you are a candidate for weight loss surgery? If you have exhausted all efforts with little to no success you may be considering weight loss surgery. We offer educational seminars to help you learn about surgery options including the process benefits and risks, as well as what life is like after surgery and beyond.

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Pre-op Bariatric Education

Registered nurses and dietitians specializing in bariatric education will teach you everything you need to know and do to prepare for weight loss surgery through virtual learning.

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