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A Time to Quit: Smoking Cessation

Many people think it’s too late to quit smoking because the damage has already been done. But that’s not the case.  The moment you quit, you’ll start reaping health benefits that will continue to stockpile as long as you remain smoke-free. Give yourself the gift of life. Quit smoking with our proven, evidenced-based program.

A Supportive, Effective Program

Our wellness coaches and tobacco dependency treatment specialists set the stage for success through a positive atmosphere, motivation, and support. The seven-session program includes an initial one-on-one meeting with a tobacco dependency treatment specialist to assess your tobacco usage, previous attempts to quit smoking, and medical history. Together, you and the specialist design a treatment program based on your needs.

Following the initial assessment, you will join other program participants for six weekly group sessions. With the support of others in the same situation, the group setting is designed to be a helpful and enjoyable experience. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is available to make the transition more comfortable.

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