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Feel Fit and Energized

Movement is medicine for your body. Staying active can help you move well, maintain a healthy weight, increase stamina, improve flexibility and strength—even boost your mood. No matter your age or fitness level, there are lots of ways to incorporate more movement into your daily life. You just have to find activities you enjoy and do them consistently.

Function for Life

Discover how your current activity level can predict your future health. Program includes strategies to improve your mobility, as well as a confidential memory screening to establish your baseline.

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A Matter of Balance

Stand steady and strong. Learn how to improve your balance, flexibility and strength to reduce risk for falls, increase activity and boost confidence. More and more research is showing that, no matter your age or stage, activity can help your brain, bones, heart and skin to look and act younger.

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Posture for Life

Discover the power of posture. Specially trained rehabilitation specialists will show you techniques and exercises to help improve your postural alignment. Good posture can help reduce back pain, support balance and mobility, open chest muscles to promote better breathing, and increase energy and confidence. A doctor’s referral is required.

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Tai Chi

Get in the flow with tai chi—an ancient Chinese martial art that promotes the mind-body connection through conscious breathing, low-impact movement and heightened awareness. Tai chi can be learned, practiced and enjoyed by anyone at any age. Benefits include reduced stress and inflammation; increased focus, fitness, strength and stamina; enhanced flexibility and balance, as well as fewer falls.

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Get Fit, Don’t Sit

Whether we’re binging TV shows or glued to our desks at work, Americans are sitting too much—and it’s affecting our health. Learn how to squeeze more activity into your busy day with quick, easy exercises you can do at work and at home.

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Exercise and Chronic Conditions

CentraState’s state-of-the-art, medically supervised fitness center provides personal training for those with chronic conditions. It currently offers specific exercise, education, and support programs for conditions including Parkinson’s, diabetes, cancer survivorship, bariatric wellness and more.

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Find the Activities You Enjoy

Our physical therapy and wellness experts will show you how to easily incorporate cardio, strength training, flexibility and balance into a convenient routine and give you the tools and resources you need to get moving and stay active! Discover how moving more today can help you to live a healthier tomorrow!

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