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Attain Your Inner Zen

Your boss needs the project now. Your car has a flat. The bills are piling up. Yes, life can be tear-your-hair-out stressful. Fortunately, there are things you can do to stay serene in the storm. Our wellness experts teach a variety of stress-management approaches, so you can find what works for you, and always have the tools and resources you need to remain balanced, centered and calm.

Take Time to Take Care of You

Taking care of yourself isn’t selfish—it’s essential. It can boost immunity, increase positive thinking, improve coping skills, and help bring tranquilly and balance in your daily life. Learn more about our RELAX WELL classes below, or call 732.308.0570.

Relax Your Mind

Acute and chronic stress can disrupt our mental and physical well-being. Learn the physiology of stress and how to reduce it with simple but effective techniques.

Let It Go

Meditative Movement

Discover Tai Chi—an ancient Chinese martial art that promotes the mind-body connection through conscious breathing, low-impact movement, and heightened awareness. No matter your age or fitness level, you can learn and practice tai chi and experience its many health benefits for the rest of your life, including reduced stress, improved fitness and focus, more energy, and an open mind and heart.

Get in the Flow

Yoga for Self Care

Relax, restore, and rejuvenate with yoga. Come experience the tranquility of connecting breath and movement to relieve stress. We offer a variety of programs focused on safe yoga for your lower body, upper body, posture and more. You’ll enjoy a relaxing experience regardless of your skill level.

Move Mindfully


No doubt we are living longer, but are we living better? Learn how to use everyday mindfulness to decrease stress and live life to the fullest. This workshop addresses the importance of mental wellness, physical wellness, self-care and healthy aging.

Tap Into Calm
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Relaxation and Chronic Conditions

Practicing relaxation techniques can control, and even prevent, chronic conditions. A tailored stress-reduction plan can help you manage symptoms related to a number of chronic health conditions. Discover how calming the mind can help reduce your risk factors and optimize your unique health and well-being to relax well.