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A Women’s Health Series

Whether it’s binging on chocolate or the latest streaming series, we all have ways of dealing with stress and boredom. Unfortunately many of those stress reducers do little more than mask the anxiety we’re feeling. But we’re here to tell you it’s time for less! Less numbing your boredom and anxiety with whatever your go-to is. And more connecting with yourself using strategies that make you healthier, stronger and happier. Sounds easier said than done, but we are here to give you a hand.

Our new women’s health four-part series – Stress Less, Connect More – will teach you how to channel your energies into empowering actions and positive mind-body techniques to bring more calm and sanity into your life. During our monthly online gatherings, we’ll share new concepts on how to declutter your stuff, treat your heart well, and cleanse your mind and body. Our next and final live event in the series includes a relaxing nature walk at a local trail on April 17th! Learn more below.



April 17, 10 am-12 pm

Spring Into Nature

Join us outside and find that peaceful connection with nature. Spending time outdoors can help you relax, decrease negativity, and improve your mental and physical well-being.

Our safe and socially-distant outdoor walk at Battleground Park trail will include a beginner route and an intermediate route. We’ll begin with a gentle joint warm-up and conclude the walk with a standing yoga session.

Plus, you’ll get a chance to win great prizes including a 3-month membership to CentraState Fitness and Wellness Center, one-year membership to Prime Time Health, and more!

Presenter: Beth Ando-Brenman

Watch On-Demand

Get Organized by Telling the Story of Your Stuff

Is your attachment to stuff stopping you from decluttering? Join bestselling author and expert organizer Jamie Novak for this virtual program and learn her signature steps for decluttering by telling the story of your stuff. You may have seen Jamie on morning TV or read her newest book Keep This Toss That and now you can join her online. You’ll learn how to capture your story while sorting through treasures, collections, and sentimental items. If you feel attached to all your stuff, log on for the answers.

Presenter: Jamie Novak

Be Sweet to Your Heart: Remedies for Chronic Stress

Treat yourself by keeping a healthy heart. This program will discuss the implications of chronic stress on the heart while practicing solutions for improving our physical and emotional wellbeing during times of isolation and inactivity.  Strategies will provide the tools needed to ensure that stress does not damage your health, relationships or quality of life. It will include breathing techniques, simple stretches and gratitude meditation.

Presenters: Beth Ando-Brenman and Trish Marceante

Spring Cleaning for Mind & Body

Spring is the perfect time to weed out old thought patterns that make us feel stagnant, lethargic, even physically bloated. Discover how to turn your negative self-talk, which can weigh you down physically and emotionally, into positive actions. Feel the grounding effect of breathwork and practice some gentle movements that power your mind to release held tension and stress. This online mini-retreat, led by nationally renowned women’s health expert Deb Kern, PhD, will give you a personalized Mind-Body Sequence to help you feel at peace and in control of your stress response.

Presenter: Deb Kern, PhD

Sign up at any time for Stress Less, Connect More for only $20!

Don’t worry if you don’t sign up before the first event because the recordings will be available to you on-demand following registration. You can tune in when you want, and as many times as you want.

You can also engage with the other attendees following each event by joining the conversation.


About the Presenters:

Beth Ando-Brenman: Beth is a community health educator (CHC), a licensed physical therapist (PT), 500-hour registered yoga teacher, and certified tai chi instructor. Beth loves to teach and enjoys blending her varied background to create classes that balance body, mind, spirit.

Deb Kern, PhD: Dr. Deb Kern is a health scientist, visionary teacher and guide who is dedicated to helping women live divinely embodied lives.

Tricia Marceante: Tricia is a nurse practitioner (APN) in the Gloria Saker Women’s Heart Program at CentraState Medical Center. She brings 40 years of experience in emergency medicine, chronic disease management and preventative cardiology.

Jamie Novak: You may have seen Jamie on morning TV or read her newest book Keep This Toss That. She is a bestselling author and expert organizer who teaches her signature steps for decluttering and organizing your stuff.